Ports & waterways

The gateway to a nation’s economy is its ports and waterways. Efficient management and construction includes sustainable channels, facilities, and crossings in consideration of their environment.

e4sciences has conducted over 150 ports and waterways projects, including deep and shallow draft harbor dredging, dock and pier evaluations, and accident investigations.

Our clients assign us their most challenging tasks, such as multichannel seismic surveys, subsurface investigations, sonic imaging of sediments, and asset evaluations. Whatever your ports and waterways needs, e4sciences will adapt its services at any phase of construction. In preconstruction, we can quantify the risks and consequences to your project, so you can accurately permit and plan. We monitor construction in realtime to ensure successful milestones and delay-free operations. We help keep your project moving. During any and all phases of the construction, our services increase your efficiency and ability to complete your mission ahead of schedule and under budget.