Utilities & infrastructure

A strong infrastructure marks a nation’s progress. Water and power, when readily available, enhance the quality of life and encourage enterprise. Docks, bridges, and tunnels expedite people and goods throughout coastal areas.

e4sciences identifies, maps, and measures underwater and underground structures. Examples include pipelines, cables, tunnels, docks, abutments, and foundations.

For utilities planned in predesign and preconstruction phases, e4sciences maps and creates cross sections of the strata and obstructions along the pathways.

As structures age, the structural health of existing facilities becomes a concern. e4sciences has evaluated the health of pipelines, docks, and tunnels. Our high-definition images are designed to diagnose and monitor the health of each structure. Our mapping and imaging products serve the evaluation, repair, relocation, and removal of water, electricity, gas, oil, communications, and sewerage pipelines. Owners of these facilities have saved multiple times the cost in construction using our services.