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Asset evaluation

  • State of asset — Produce base maps with multiple tools; obtain baseline measurements; monitor the system dynamics; develop a portfolio of business scenarios for management
  • Structural health monitoring — Conduct physical, acoustic & electromagnetic asset measurements; estimate maintenance-cost scenarios
  • Ecosystem evaluation — Produce baseline maps of biological & physical assets; quantify the dynamics; develop scenarios for maintenance
  • Ecological health monitoring — Monitor the dynamics of the physical & biological properties of the system & individual elements; advance a portfolio of scenarios for resource management
  • Stratigraphic evaluation — Sonar, seismic & electromagnetic mapping & logging with coring & sampling; develop a portfolio of scenarios for management
  • Guardianship (kaitiakitanga) — Evaluate assets in the natural systems & project for decision-makers the merits & pitfalls in each scenario in their portfolio; quantify the capitalization required & the maintenance costs for each scenarios; provide technologies to monitor the performance of the action taken