Why unique?

e4sciences products are unique. Our clients face critical challenges that require immediate resolution. We produce solutions for them. Surveys provided as commodities do not suffice. So we design sensor combinations that measure the quantity directly. We make your mission our responsibility.

For a client who needed to dredge contaminated sediments, we created orthosonographs™. Orthosonographs are underwater aerial-photograph-like images of the river or channel bed, based on reflectivity of the bottom materials and features. Compare the black silt and infrastructure in the orthosonograph to the state-of-the-practice side-scan mosaic. Dredging contaminated sediments can cost 8 times dredging clean sediments, so separating the sediments in-situ can save tens of millions of dollars.

For a client who needed to remove rock, we created migrated sub-bottom seismic reflection images. e4sciences cross-sections are filtered to clarify the structure below ground. They allow interpretation to be delivered in engineering terms, elevation. The structure you see is based on the reflectivity of the strata and objects below the mudline. Compare the sediment and rock in migrated seismic image to the state-of-the-practice sub-bottom profile. Better estimates equate to tens of millions of dollars in risk reduction. In some cases, the need to blast was eliminated.